Turning the Swan on

5 clicks to turn the Swan vape mod on

4 clicks to change in-between the temperature settings:

Low = Green    Medium = Blue    High = Red

Or you can always use the pre heat function at any time with a simple 2 clicks.

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Phone Number: 800-768-9982 

Vega Distillate Tank

How do I fill the cartridges?

Remove the top. Fill with a syringe to the FILL line. Be sure not to over fill past the line or it could overflow. Re­place the top and screw until snug. Do not over tighten or it could make the tank look askew. Do not overheat the liquid before filling. If too hot, it can flood the coil. Oils /Clear should be approximately at room tempera­ture or just warm enough to allow them to flow.

Do I need to prime the coil?

No. When replacing the top after filling, the pressure inside pre-wicks the coil. For initial use, make sure to use the lowest voltage setting (WHITE 2.8V).

Can the cartridge be refilled?

No. The tank is intended to be a one-time use. Once the cartridge is filled and closed, it should not be reopened. Reopening the tank can cause the coil to flood.

How do I vape on it?

The best way to use the device is to take long slow inhale of 6 to 8 seconds.

What is the rubber cap for?

The rubber cap can be used to replace after use to pre­vent dirt and lint from getting in the mouthpiece when in the user’s pocket.


Do not leave in direct sun. Do not leave in hot tempera­tures like the car or near open flame. Extreme tempera­tures can cause the coil to flood and affect performance or potential leakage from the mouth tip.

Slim Battery

What is the battery capacity and voltage?

The SLIM battery is 380 mAh which is enough for days of vaping. It is variable voltage and has 3 temperature set­tings and a pre-heat warming function, all indicated by colored LEDs. Low-Heat (White), Med-Heat (Blue), High-Heat (Red), Pre-Heat Warming (Rainbow). The bat­tery includes a ‘floating pin’ which allows for safe use with any 510 threaded cartridges.

How do I turn the battery on? 5 clicks to turn the battery on/off

Once the cartridge is attached to the battery, push the button and hold while taking a puff. Once the cartridge is attached to the battery, there is no need to remove the cartridge until it is empty and time to replace with a new cartridge.

How do i adjust the voltage?

3 clicks to adjust the voltage between each setting.

How do I use the warming feature!’

2 clicks and the battery will cycle at pre-heat for 8 seconds to warm the liquid and prime the coil.

How do I charge the battery?

The battery has a micro USB on the bottom of the bat­tery. Simply plug in a micro USB cord into the bottom and then into USB charger. Make sure to only use lA charg­ers, do not use ‘fast-chargers’ that are 2.lA which could damage the battery. When charging, the light on tip will be RED. When fully charged the light will go out. Do not leave unattended when charging.

Can I use it while it is charging?

Yes. The battery has PASS-THRU technology that allows it to be used while charging.


If the button LED is blinking, then the battery is dead and needs to be charged, or it is not making a connection to the cartridge. Check the connection.