The Vega Cartridge – A Glass Cartridge Made For Extractors

#1 For distillate , thick oils (CO2, BHO, RSO) and clear

The Vega 510 thread vape tank is a designed for maximum flavor and temperature control while vaping your herbal extracts.  We have a saying at S6xth Sense “You wouldn’t serve fine wine in a plastic cup, don’t serve your premium extracts in a plastic cartridge”.    Glass cartridges do not breakdown when terpenes and blended oils are placed in them.  Plastic on the other hand can corrode and leech deadly by products into your oils.  You don’t want to be vaping plastic do you?

Engineered for maximum temperature control

How about temperature control?  The Vega cartridge uses a silica/ceramic heating element that allows for smooth even heating without the hot zones and heat spikes traditional plastic cartridges with cotton wicks use.  Thick oils and CO2 herbal extracts breakdown a little bit each time they are heated, so the more unnecessary heat applied to the cartridge, the faster your oil will go bad in taste and lower it’s desired effects.  Low temperature heating allows for a premium vape experience and longer lasting oils that are good to the last drop.  You pay good money for your oils and extracts, don’t waste them on poorly designed cheap plastic cartridges.

American designed cartridges

At S6xth Sense we design all aspects of our products to provide the best experience for the consumer and also ease of use for the extractors wanting to showcase their amazing extracts in the Vega.  For that reason we designed the tank with a top fill post-less design.  Each Vega tank unscrews from the top, has a clearly marked fill line and comes with a dust cap to keep the lint out if your carrying in your pockets, ha ha.  Bottom line, we care about your vape experience 

Find out why the Vega is the best vape cartridge

If you are a consumer looking for the best way to vape your distillates, thick oils and clears, try out the Vega tank you will not be disappointed.  Extractors, we designed this with you in my so your art in oil making can truly shine through.   We have several companies that are using the Vega and Slim battery  with incredible success, winning extract competitions over and over.  Curious?  We’ll hook you up with some samples to play with to prove it.  Got to our wholesale contact form and get in touch with us.  We have a dedicated customer service staff that is very familiar with your specific needs as an extract artist. 

Custom made cartridges and batteries for Organix Refinery

custom made cartridges and pen battery  for Organix Refinery