ANY extract or concentrate oil. Swap and go!

START your senses. We engineered the Swan to deliver the best flavor possible

START with a statement. The Swan has a color and temperature right for you

CHOOSE and collect all the styles!

STOP buying multiple batteries or going back to the store for another replacement

STOP burning your oils. Vape them.

Easy as 1, 2, 3…Enjoy


Convenient | Stylish | Innovative

SO small it fits in the palm of your hand or jean third pocket

USE the Swan with ANY 510-thread vape cartridge with our adapter

VARIABLE-voltage to match your taste and heating preference

OUR powerful lithium-ion battery means you can vape multiple cartridges with a single charge

CHARGES with any micro-USB cable

TOP-FILL design means NO leaks


Glass Cartridges Vs Plastic Cartridges


Your senses have waited for this moment…

When an idea meets the passion required to bring a solution to a market’s problem. The community has been missing a convenient, dependable and powerful solution to vape ANY thick oil , concentrates or extracts. We had to change that.

The next evolution for herbal extracts and distillates is here.

The Swan is miniaturized powerhouse designed for one specific purpose. To realize your oil’s full potential. Thick oils require specialized power management to ensure a smooth vape every time. Have you ever wondered why your oil tastes different after multiple uses with the current crop of oil vaporizers? Their power settings are designed and manufactured to Chinese standards using incorrect technology. Your oil sticks to everything! Its viscosity requires a vaporizer powerful enough to blast through the thickest of concentrates or oils. You’ve waited for a compact vaporizer battery that delivers a punch!

Order your Swan today to experience the difference of American engineering.

If you want to find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration


Elegant. Beautiful. Graceful.

Like its inspiration, the Swan delivers balance and transformation. The beauty rests in the details…

From form to function our expert designers dreamed of a vaporizer as stylish as it is convenient.

Available in a variety of colors and materials the Swan allows you to express your personality through your vaporizer. Choose 1 or choose them all we’ve got you covered.

Make a statement.


Beauty always had a purpose. To be of service to life.

Micro USB Charging

Charges with ANY USB port

510 Thread Adapter

Our magnetic adapter lets you use the Swan with your favorite concentrate oil

Variable Temperature

Find your perfect flavor by matching your oil to the optimal heating point

All eyes on the Swan


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We’re innovating the vaporizer community through excellence


Our Class A Lithium-ion battery delivers the charge you need. On the go and don’t have time to charge and wait? Great. We don’t either! That’s why we added a 650 mAh battery with enough power to vape multiple cartridges. Pass this one around. It’s charged to last.

Match your flavor preference to your oil with 4 clicks to cycle through each setting.

We recommend always starting with the lowest setting, Green, to gauge flavor and smoothness on inhale.
Try all the settings to find the heating point for you.

Green = Low

Blue = Medium

Red = High


Attach the magnetic adapter in 3 steps

1. Attach adapter to any 510 thread cartridge

2. Drop into swan and feel it click into place

3. Vape

The Swan is mindful of your space. Small enough for the palm of your hand and fits in your jean’s third pocket.

The littlest details make the biggest statements.

What will yours be?



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