Glass Cartridges Vs Plastic Vape Cartridges

Vaping is the product of craftsmanship, refinement of electrical current and plenty of ingenuity. Several pieces go into the experience. The combination of battery, cartridge and choice of oil delivers that satisfaction you seek.

A well-designed glass vape cartridge shines in the aftertaste.
When paired correctly your hits are smooth like a slight mist on the palette and lungs. There’s a few things to look for to tell if your cartridge is giving you the best flavor and hit possible.

Great vapor should:

1. Be free of a “burnt” taste
2. Smooth on inhale and light on the lungs
3. Contain amazing flavor for your entire hit

Yet, the most important part is what you store your oils in.

S6xth sense Vega glass top fill cartridge

Glass cartridges or plastic ones?

Short answer: Glass

Plastics can contain many questionable materials. They also can absorb the same oils that you’re trying to keep as fresh as the day you bought them. Why? Plastic and oils are organic compounds that interact with one another over time.

The longer thick oil cartridges stay on the shelf the higher the chance you have toxin leech into your oil. Oils and other concentrates

How can you tell?
When the aftertaste hits if you notice a sticky residue or film on the palette with a slight chemical taste that could be indicative of plastic-leech.

Glass, on the other hand, is not an organic compound nor does it interact with the oils that you put into them. In fact, it’s the choice for experienced vapor or aromatic consumers. Not only does glass store oils better it will also allow more flavorful and potent hits from your cartridges.

S6xth sense Vega glass top fill cartridge

The Vega tank is designed with the ultimate vaping experience in mind. Hours of tweaking and design, modeling and refining have resulted in one of the best cartridges in the concentrate market. Vega, and the technology behind it contributed to multiple “Best Of” awards in 2016 and 2017 helping concentrate vendors deliver the best vaping experience for their customers.

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